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Perogies Per Doz  Price
Potato & Cheese $5.00
Potato & Onion $5.00
Potato & Cottage Cheese $5.00
Potato, Onion, Bacon $5.50
Potato, Sauerkraut, Onion $5.50
Potato, Cheese, Bacon $5.50
Potato, Sauerkraut, Bacon $5.50
 Cabbage Rolls Per Doz  
Uncooked Sour Cabbage Rolls $19.00
Uncooked Cabbage Rolls $17.00
Cooked Sour Cabbage Rolls $22.00
Cooked Cabbage Rolls $20.00
 Cookie Dough (3dz Uncooked)  
Chocolate Chip $15.00
Peanut Butter $15.00
Sugar $15.00
 Pickled Eggs  
12 Per Jar $10.00
 Appetizers by Order Only  
Meatballs in Sauce (Sweet/Sour or Italian $15.00
Mushroom Turnover 12pc $15.00
Veg. Spring Roolls 12pc $10.00
Dry Garlic Ribs 12pc (Bone-in or Boneless) $15.00
Deep Fried Wontons 20pc (Sweet/Sour Sauce, Pork Filling) $15.00
Chicken Wings 12pc (Buffalo) $15.00
Mini Calzones 12pc $15.00
Cheese Ball $13.00
Spinach Dip 350ml $6.00
Spinach Dip 700ml $12.00
Chicken Pot Pie Small $7.50
Chicken Pot Pie Deep Dish $18.00
Beef Pie Small $7.50
Beef Pie Deep Dish $18.00
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